Our Services

Applications Delivery

Our consultants will work as part of your existing software development team in various capacity such as Business Analysts, Software Developers or Developers-in-test. Alternatvely, we can explore other delivery models including working on your site or from our offices in Lagos.

Product Design

Our consultants would collaborate to develop your ideas, deliver a minimum viable product and support you to incremental evolve the product to deliver its vision.

Agile Consultancy

Over the years, we have embraced Agile delivery as our chosen development methodology and our ethos includes ensuring that we deliver value to our clients whilst minimising waste at all times.

Training and Workshops

We offer hands-on training in Software Test, Agile Delivery, Software Development using material that have been out together based on our experiences of practices that work. Our trainings involve working on a live project and we would to tailor our offering to suit your organisation.

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We spot them, and we fix them !!! You know, the little details we all take for granted but if taken away feel like a massive gap.


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